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Controlled lighting. Open views. Modern styles. Sleek design. Fashionable textures, colours and fabrics. Inspired by the global trends in fabric, design, fashion and textiles, the new Taylor Blinds’ extended collection boasts over 100 different elegant fabrics. The collection includes classic cotton and linen look fabric textures that create a balanced and calming atmosphere as well as functional screens that are perfect for light management and heat control.


Light Filtering fabrics are sheer in finish and allow the maximum of light in.  Screen fabrics block UV rays and reduce energy costs while still keeping your view.  Dim Out fabrics will diffuse light in your interior and Block Out fabrics allow for complete light and privacy needs.

Click on the below filtering options to find a fabric which suits your needs.


Light Filtering

Light Filtering fabrics are sheer and allow the maximum amount of light in. They create a decorative atmosphere and filter light in a soft, beautiful and natural way. There are different types of light filtering fabrics: transparent versions don’t have an acrylic coating whereas translucent fabrics do have acrylic coatings. Translucent fabrics are sheer. 


Screen fabrics allow in plenty of light – yet protect you, your flooring and furniture from UV rays and glare. They are wonderful as energy saving blinds as they maintain a temperate climate in your room. They provide a great level of privacy during the day, however the opposite is true at night. Screens combine function and beauty: with their functional properties and architectural look and feel, screens are perfectly suitable for large windows.

Dim Out

Dim Out blinds are 90% Block Out.  They impede the view from both inside and outside. Dim Out fabrics' beautifully filter the sunlight, while still creating a diffuse light in the interior.  These blinds are often used in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms.  Dim Out blinds let a small amount of light in.  The material is not too thick nor thin as there is only one solid coating layer on the back (versus Block Out which has three).


Block Out

Thanks to their coating on the backside, block out roller fabrics completely block out light, which makes them perfect for the bedroom, boardroom or nursery room.  Select between various fabric finishes to compliment your décor; and your choice of PVC or PVC free fabric properties.