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Smartify your home. No smarts required. 

While you cannot influence the elements, at least make sure you can control them. Introducing innovative motorised blind systems with Taylor’s new MOTION technology. Blinds so smart, you’ll expect them to serve your morning coffee.  

With the world moving forward, life should be easier, safer and more sustainable for everyone. And now with Taylor’s new smart home MOTION technology, it can be. Your roller blinds can now be motorised and automated to open and close at the click of a button, the pull of a cord, from the command of your voice, and even when you’re not there, thanks to our MOTION smartphone app. 

Open and close our MOTION Blinds without lifting a finger. 

Available across all products in our roller blind range, MOTION lets you create a space that suits the way you want to live. Quick and simple to install, the system is cable-free and easy to use allowing anyone to automate and operate from literally anywhere. 

Whether you dream of your blinds opening automatically in the morning or if you want to make your home looked live in while you’re away, our ground-breaking automated blind solution brings the future to you. 

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Technical Features


Smart Home MOTION control for everyone. From literally anywhere.
MOTION allows you motorised control of your blinds from literally anywhere – from home with manual pull control, remote, Wi-Fi Bridge and voice control and from literally anywhere else in the world using the MOTION smartphone app. Our easy-to-use and simply systems means the future is available to anyone. 

Everyday Convenience
With MOTION technology get the little comforts that make a big difference. No more stumbling in the dark or getting up to adjust your blinds. MOTION allows you full control of your window coverings from literally anywhere in or outside your space. The system can be automated and programmed to open and close at specific times so you can wake naturally to the morning light and close to set the mood for your happy hour. 

A Safer Home 
With no cords, our MOTION blinds are safer for children, pets and clumsy adults. With full control from anywhere in the world via the smartphone app means you can open and close your blinds anytime to make your home appear inhabited even when it’s not. 

Energy Efficiency
As our roller blind fabrics assist to control heat and light entering your space, with MOTION you have thermal control at the touch of a button or the whisper of your voice. Motorised window coverings are able to automatically adapt to influencers from their immediate surrounding such as temperature and intensity of daylight. With MOTION, improve your indoor climate control in a sustainable fashion while helping save the environment and your wallet.  


Operating Options

MOTION Operating Options:

Pull Control:

The easiest control option for motorised blinds. Installing, programming and operating your window coverings has never been easier. A short pull on the chain, cord or wand puts your blinds into motion.


Remote Control:

a 5-channel remote is specially designed to put the control of your blinds in your hands. Multiple blinds can be combined in operating channels allowing entire rooms or scenes to be controlled with the touch of one button.


Wi-Fi Bridge:

The MOTION Wi-Fi Bridge additional component allows you to enjoy the advanced app control, voice control and the ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) control features making it possible to control your blinds from anywhere in the world while also programming timers for your convenience.


Smartphone App

The MOTION app allows you two-way communication and control of your blinds from your phone from anywhere in the world. You can view the real time positioning of your blinds, the battery health and control their movement including programming timers. App control required the Wi-Fi Bridge.


Voice Control:

Smart speakers allow control of your blinds through voice commands. This function requires the Wi-Fi Bridge and a Smart Home system connection such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


This Then That (IFTTT):

IFTTT is the link to many other applications, resulting in smart homes that are fully adapted to the everyday life of its users.

MOTION is compatible with our indoor roller blinds. 



The MOTION technology system is available in 3 colours with the cover caps matching the end caps and bottom bars. 

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Need Help

We understand that while technology can be liberating it can also be daunting. Our expert team of consultants are ready to help you better understand our MOTION technology, which is designed to do all the hard work for you. If you’d like to learn more about our MOTION technology for motorised blind options please feel free to reach out to us for assistance or a quote today. 


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